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Güitig's History

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Güitig story began. Mrs. Eugenia Klinger, after visiting the Thessalia Spa Resort in Greece and being very impressed by it's beauty, decided to baptize her property  in Machachi-Ecuador, with the same name because several artesian springs had been found there... ( More)



How is the Mineral Water Made?

* Güitig a miracle of nature, born in the thawing of the perpetual snow of the volcano Cotopaxi high in the Andes mountains. It begins it's journey when gradually penetrates the harden earth enriched in  minerals by the various eruptions of the volcano throughout time.


These water drops are then filtered for miles of passageways progressing  through underground springs until it flows to the surface twenty years later in it's natural state of sparkling mineral water at it's unique and rare source Tesalia Springs in Machachi, a beautiful park near Quito, the capital of Ecuador.


Composition and Benefits

* Güitig Mineral Water with natural carbonation and Tesalia Mineral Water without carbonation, have been analyzed by experts and designated as a mineral water with unsurpassable composition. 

* Güitig is an alkaline-bicarbonate, and alkaline-magnesium water. The soluble substances present in this water gives Güitig it's healthful properties.

* Güitig has been a part of the Ecuadorian lifestyle for over one hundred years.

* Legend attributes the drinking of the Mineral Water Güitig with many healthful and healing properties. In addition the use of the Mineral Water Güitig on the hair and skin brings remarkable results. Güitig's micro nutrients and minerals gives this water a health restoring power. 

Although in the US,  these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), several clinical and laboratory studies support these claims. The findings have been documented and published  in the "American Journal of Medicine" and reported in some major newspapers like the "Wall Street Journal" and the "New York Times". The drinking of natural water rich in magnesium appears to help in lowering triglycerides. In addition these studies have also indicated the lowering of High-Density lipoprotein to Low-Density lipoprotein ratios. 

Mineral Water Güitig in Ecuador has been linked to healthy heart by normalizing erratic heartbeats (arrhythmia) and helping in the treatment of heart attacks and strokes, stress relief, muscle repair improvement, calm nerves and lowering the effects of asthma and migraines by reducing the damage that excessive release of adrenaline causes to the brain.

To Learn more about the benefits of Water rich in Magnesium please visit: The Magnesium Web Site




Brands of Water



Mineral Water Güitig can be used and enjoyed in two ways, by drinking it or by bathing in it.

Güitig, nature's miracle, has unique qualities that protect and benefit those who use the water. It's contents of natural calcium, contributes to the growth and health of the bones  in general. Women concerned with osteoporosis will find this water of particular benefit.




* The Mineral Water Güitig also contains magnesium in it's natural state. This element is particularly well known for it's ability to reduce stress. In addition this naturally carbonated water has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.


* Nature is life's natural balance. In it we discover everyday new mysteries, and from it we take the best for our lives. Is through the generosity of the land and the miracle of Güitig that so many enjoy good health.

* In order to maintain unchanged it's unique characteristics, the Mineral Water Güitig is bottled at it's source, along with it's natural  carbonation, which makes it so effusive and wonderfully natural.

* Güitig, bottled in it's pure state since 1902 deep in the Andes Mountains in Machachi-Ecuador.









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